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Hytech Roofing is continually asked by major companies to complete some of the largest roofing projects in the Northwestern United States. Not only does Hytech Roofing have an excellent reputation for high quality workmanship, we are known for our consistent ability to complete even the largest projects in a timely manner. As you know, on most projects the roof must be completed before other subcontractors can begin their work. Therefore, a roof completed on or ahead of schedule can greatly impact a General contractor’s schedule resulting in increased profits. Our ability to consistently work at maximum efficiency has pleasantly surprised a number of General Contractors. In several cases, we have actually put projects back on schedule. Hytech Roofing understands the importance of keeping current with safety requirements in the construction field. We are continually updating our safety program to meet the safety standards defined in our field of work. Not only are we concerned about our employees, but also for the safety of our owners, building contractors, and their employees. As a General Contractor, we feel that you have enough things to worry about. Our ability to keep schedule, our attention to detail, and our commitment to safety will give you one less subcontractor to worry about.


Re-roofing your building can be a confusing and wearisome undertaking without the help of an industry expert. Roof replacement design requires skilled and informed decision making to meet the needs of each individual situation. We have a team of experts who will advise, design and provide you with the proper roof system that fits your needs. The often wet Pacific Northwest climate makes our years of experience in the industry of the utmost importance, especially when dealing with an occupied building. Although there will be some noise and inconvenience associated with any re-roofing project our goal is to minimize this as much as possible. Our low impact approach is aimed at local business owners and tenants who don’t want to feel like they are in the middle of a construction site while their new roof system is installed. We feel that strong communication throughout the re-roofing process is absolutely essential. There is no question that buying a new roof system is an important investment. Before you spend your money, you should insist on working with a professional roofing contractor. Hytech Roofing is the professional roofer you have been looking for.


Hytech Roofing knows that keeping your freezers and equipment running at full capacity is your business priority. Understanding that a moment of down time is not possible, Hytech roofing utilizes cutting edge technology and innovative solutions that will keep your facility running at peak efficiency throughout the roofing process. Hytech Roofing has specialized in the roofing of cold storage facilities and distribution centers for the past 20 years. We understand that as a General contractor or a food service distributor, you are keenly aware that these types of facilities are no place for an inexperienced roofer. Cold Storage applications create one of the most hostile environments to which all building elements can be exposed, due to large temperature differentials and associated severe water vapor pressures. Communication and coordination between all trades involved is of absolute importance. At Hytech Roofing we understand that our job doesn’t stop with the installation of the roofing system. A team approach must be utilized when dealing with the unique conditions that may arise during a cold storage installation. Failure to do so can result in poor design, unresolved issues and finger pointing. Poor workmanship, ineffective vapor seals, inattention to expansion joints and the inability to meet tight schedules can devastate cold storage project for everyone. Having a team member like Hytech Roofing puts your fears to rest.


Most people generally do not give the proper attention to the roof of their home or business. Let’s face it— we take it for granted. We only become concerned about our roof when we find it has been leaking or has already been seriously damaged. Hytech Roofing suggests a more pro-active approach. Generally, roofs on residential and commercial buildings need repair and maintenance services so that the home or establishment is protected for a very long time. The most important factor in the maintenance of your roof is to know its current condition. Scheduled roof inspections are the key to identifying problems in their early stages, before they cause major damage. Hytech Roofing will conduct a thorough examination of your roof and provide you a written report that will include a description of roof components, deficiencies and recommendations for repair and warranty information. Our highly skilled technicians will also carry out maintenance items while inspection is performed. These Maintenance items include cleaning the roofing, gutters, drains, scuppers and collector boxes. Other items would include: sealing roof penetrations and flashings as needed and checking for or repairing open seams and damage that may have occurred since the last inspection period. Hytech Roofing recommends inspection and maintenance once or twice a year on all roofs. Enrolling your roof, new or old, in a maintenance program can greatly extend its life past the manufacturer’s warranty. At Hytech Roofing, we are trained and licensed in the repair of most major roofing systems, and have many years of experience in tracing and fixing roofing problems in a timely manner.


We understand that the only thing standing between your company's assets and the severe weather is the roof above your head. This is why Hytech Roofing has a full time repair department dedicated to finding and fixing your roof leaks. Our crews use advanced equipment and methods to find and repair leaks quickly. Not all roofs or leaks are quite the same and some can be quite invasive, you can be sure Hytech Roofing will not give up on your roof leak and will continue providing service until the leak is fixed. Schedule Hytech Roofing today to track down and repair your roof leaks.


Hytech Roofing offers a full range of commercial and industrial roofing services from inspection, testing and maintenance, to full replacement and new construction. Whether the project is rather routine, or highly unusual, our years of experience ensure exceptional results every time.

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