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Optimize the Building for Longterm Performance

Protect Your Investment

Regardless of the quality of workmanship in the installation and caliber of roofing material, there are many factors that affect long-term roofing system performance. Many of these factors may not be included in your warranty coverage with your manufacturer. Below are some factors that are detrimental to your roof system.

Changes in Building Usage

For example, manufacturing facilities that use steam or water vapor tend to increase the humidity of the building and create condensation problems. Another example is a processing facility, which vents destructive and harmful chemicals or fatty acids to the roof surface.

Biological Growth Issues

Vegetation or debris blocking roof drains and valleys can inhibit proper water drainage, which causes excessive ponding.


Damaging air pollutants and chemicals.

Structural Movement

This includes settling, expansion, or contraction.

Lack of Maintenance

The single largest cause of premature roof failure. This includes issues such as sealant failures or undetected water intrusion.

New Activity on the Roof

This includes other trades or staff performing any roof or equipment maintenance; new roof penetrations being installed without notification to roofing contractors for appropriate sealing; and unauthorized access to your rooftop, or vandalism.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Torrential downpour rain will overflow flashing heights and cause roof damage. High wind speeds that exceed the roof’s system design cause tearing and blow-off. Debris carried in high winds causes punctures and tears, and lightning can also cause considerable damage.


Any of the above examples can cause considerable damage to the building envelope and may damage inventory, electrical, and computer systems, or halt production and affect retail sales.

Aside from the catastrophic potentials, a lot of damage can be done to the insulation of the building, prior to leaks being detected. A situation like this can result in extensive replacement costs in the future and reduced energy efficiency.

A Pro-Active Approach

It’s a common misconception that if a roof isn’t leaking, there isn’t a problem. This out of sight, out of mind approach is one of the root causes for premature roof failure.

Even if your roof is installed by a reputable contractor in accordance with every manufacturer standard and specification, it’s not possible for any roof to last even 15 years without consistent professional care and
maintenance. Hytech’s Pro Maintenance Plans ensure the longevity of every roof enrolled. The following are a variety of maintenance plans from which you can choose.

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Pro Maintenance Line Up

Clean out drain sump areas and gutters of any loose debris x x x
Visual inspection of drain pipes and exterior downspouts, ensuring water is draining from the roof without restriction x x x
Remove loose rooftop debris such as leaves, branches, and garbage x x x
Check-in with building contact regarding any known roof leaks and report to the building owner x x x
Report damage or deficiencies observed during cleaning to building owner x x x
Visual inspection of all roofing components: field seams, metal flashings, penetrations, and drainage components for damage or deficiencies x x x
Provide “touch-up” repairs and minor patching to potential leaking items x x
Report larger deficiencies to the building owner or representative before proceeding with repairs x x x
Provide a detailed report, including pictures, illustrating the state of roof and deficiencies observed x x
Clean roof with a power washing brush to remove surface grime and oxidation x
Renew the reflective and aesthetic qualities of a TPO, PVC, or any other Single-Ply roofing systems x

Additional Benefits


Reports of unsatisfactory conditions, providing less costly repairs in advance


Awareness of unauthorized rooftop activity


Extends the life of your existing roof


Moisture scans and reports provided before full roof replacement is required


Keeps warranties valid under compliance

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