Leak Repair and Maintenance

Leak Repairs for Commercial Building Roofs

Need help with an active roof leak? We provide prompt and effective roof maintenance and repair services to Lynden, Bellingham, Anacortes, Skagit County, and the surrounding areas. Contact us for rapid assistance!

Leak Repairs

We understand that the only thing standing between your company’s assets and the severe weather is the roof above your head. This is why Hytech has a full-time repair department dedicated to finding and fixing your roof leaks. Our crews use advanced equipment and methods to find and repair leaks as quickly as possible. Not all roofs or leaks are quite the same and some can be quite difficult to track down. You can be sure Hytech will not give up on your roof leak and will continue providing service until the leak is fixed. If the repairs needed are substantial, temporary repairs will be done and we will recommend a longer-term fix for you to evaluate.

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PRO-CARE Annual Maintenance

Most people generally do not give proper attention to the roof of their building. It’s easy to ignore because it’s usually out of sight and out of mind. Hytech suggests a more pro-active approach. The most important factor in the maintenance of your roof is to know its current condition. Scheduled roof inspections are the key to identifying problems in their early stages before they cause major damage. Hytech will conduct a thorough examination of your roof and provide you a written report that will include a description of roof components, deficiencies, and recommendations for repair and warranty information.

Our highly skilled technicians will also carry out maintenance items while the inspection is performed. These maintenance items include cleaning the roofing, gutters, drains, scuppers, and collector boxes. Other items would include: sealing roof penetrations and flashings as needed and checking for or repairing open seams and damage that may have occurred since the last inspection period. Hytech recommends inspection and maintenance once or twice a year on all roofs. Enrolling your roof, new or old, in a maintenance program can greatly extend its life past the manufacturer’s warranty. At Hytech Roofing, we are trained and licensed in the repair of most major roofing systems and have many years of experience in tracing and fixing roofing problems in a timely manner. Please take a look at our PROCARE service and maintenance program offerings today!


Inspections are our starting point for enrolling a building in the PROCARE maintenance program so that we know the conditions of your roof upfront. However, we are more than happy to provide inspections and reports outside of the PROCARE service program subscription. We are accustomed to helping public agencies, building owners, consultants, and architects with this service.

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