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Ongoing Commercial Building Maintenance

Extend the life and long-term value of your facilities with our maintenance program. We will deliver proactive assessments, preventative maintenance, and professional service at regular intervals to optimize your building for lasting performance.

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Moisture scanning a commercial roof in Everett, WA.

How Does PRO Care Work?

The roof on your facility is what protects everything inside. Waiting for a leak to become obvious can result in a much larger expense down the road via insulation damage, roof repairs or replacement, and lost inventory. With PRO Care by Hytech, your roof will receive proactive professional attention to shore up vulnerabilities and fix any issues before they get out of hand.

Regardless of the quality of workmanship and materials that went into your roof’s installation, there are several factors that can have a detrimental effect on its performance over time, some of which may not be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

5-Year Warranty Extension

If you’re having a new roof system installed learn how protecting your roof with PRO Care can extend your manufacturers warranty by 5 years!

Common Problems Found

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Below are some of the variables that a regular maintenance program can help mitigate:


Whether pushed upward through vents or via proximity to another facility, damaging air pollutants and chemicals can wear on your roof’s durability.

Structural Movement

The natural settling, expansion, or contraction of your commercial building over time can gradually put stress on the roof.

Changes in Building Usage

When the occupant’s business model changes, the effect their work has on the building changes, too. 

Extreme Weather

Torrential downpours and high speed winds can quickly cause damage to a roof, and identifying that damage as soon as possible is imperative.

Biological Buildup

Moss, leaves, and other debris can block roof drains, preventing proper drainage and leading to excessive ponding on the rooftop.

New Roof Activity

Such as rooftop equipment repairs, new roof penetrations being installed without proper sealing, unauthorized roof access, and vandalism.

These problems left alone can lead to:

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Potential Business Losses

Any of the above examples can cause considerable damage to the building envelope and may damage inventory, electrical, and computer systems, or halt production and affect retail sales.

Possible Insulation Damage

Aside from the catastrophic potentials, a lot of damage can be done to the insulation of the building, prior to leaks being detected. A situation like this can result in extensive replacement costs in the future and reduced energy efficiency.

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A Proactive Approach

It’s a common misconception that if a roof isn’t leaking, there isn’t a problem. This out of sight, out of mind approach is one of the root causes for premature roof failure.

Even if your roof is installed by a reputable contractor in accordance with every manufacturer standard and specification, it may not be possible for the roof to last even 15 without consistent professional care and
maintenance. Hytech’s Pro Maintenance Plans ensure the longevity of every roof enrolled. The following are a variety of maintenance plans from which you can choose.

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New commercial roofs with solar panels and complex roof systems should have ongoing inspection & maintenance. Multi-family residential building in Bellingham, WA.

What’s Included

Pro Care Plan FeaturesBasicPlusShield
Clean out drain sump areas and gutters of any loose debrisxxx
Visual inspection of drain pipes and exterior downspouts, ensuring water is draining from the roof without restrictionxxx
Remove loose rooftop debris such as leaves, branches, and garbagexxx
Check-in with building contact regarding any known roof leaks and report to the building ownerxxx
Report damage or deficiencies observed during cleaning to building ownerxxx
Visual inspection of all roofing components: field seams, metal flashings, penetrations, and drainage components for damage or deficienciesxxx
Report larger deficiencies to the building owner or representative before proceeding with repairsxxx
Provide “touch-up” repairs and minor patching to potential leaking itemsxx
Provide a detailed report, including pictures, illustrating the state of roof and deficiencies observedxx
Clean roof with a power washing brush to remove surface grime and oxidationx
Renew the reflective and aesthetic qualities of a TPO, PVC, or any other Single-Ply roofing systemsx
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